Salinlahi to Duterte Govt: Put criminals in jail, not children!

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The child rights group, Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns, stands with the families of Mary Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez calling against the early release of rapist-murderer former Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez who was sentenced to 280 years imprisonment.

The group took to task the Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon for even broaching the idea that the murderer-rapist could walk free from prison. “Why should we let the rapist-murderer free from jail? This former Mayor is a vicious criminal. He used his power to rape a helpless young student and murder her together with her boyfriend. Even while in prison, he was involved in criminal activities such as drug-smuggling,” Eule Rico Bonganay, Salinlahi secretary-general.

Salinlahi also condemns Senator Ronal “Bato” dela Rosa’s statement that Sanchez deserves a second chance in life. “Senator Dela Rosa is a criminal-minded senator. He would give a second chance to a proven criminal, but will not hesitate to put in jail with hardened criminals 12-years-old children in conflict with the law who commit petty crimes. Children are the most deserving of a second chance rather than a former mayor rapist and murderer”, Bonganay stressed.

Bonganay added that Sen. Dela Rosa is a hypocrite. “He pioneered the bloody war on drugs and ordered the murder of thousands of poor alleged drug suspects and children without due process.”

Salinlahi calls on the public to stand for justice. “As the culture of impunity continues to prevail, we call on child rights advocates to remain vigilant and call out public officials who are anti-people and pro-criminals,” Bonganay ended. ###